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Automatic Medical Speech to Text


As a modeling optimized for the medical sector, SpeechEMR transforms the doctor’s diagnosis and medical consultations into text in real time (STT) and generates Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

DOUB’s real-time, speech recognition-based medical data generation and AI analytics technology create innovation in smart healthcare.

Not a single part of the conversation and treatment record between the medical staff and patients should be lost

However, due to the realistic circumstances of medical fields and lack of personnel, as well as cumbersome conversion processes, such records are being lost and the data volumes are often reduced.

Low Quality of Medical Records


On-site conversations are not being recorded due to absence of inputting of field circumstances such as round visits or surgery rooms, as well as due to the cumbersome process of recording and conversion.

Lack of Records of On-site Conversation


On-site conversations are not being recorded due to absence of inputting of field circumstances such as round visits or surgery rooms, as well as due to the cumbersome process of recording and conversion.

Data Reduction of Interpretation and Checkup Results

The most crucial data records are being reduced due to the lack of a system to examine videos and input the examination result management, as well as insufficient personnel

Now, the recognition, generation and analyses of medical data can all be done in real time.


Medical records are automatically generated after converting the speech to text in real time.


Speech To Text


Electronic Medical Record

Summary, categories, keywords, and current statuses are managed through intellectualization and personalization.


Text Analysis

Speeches can be inputted via various devices.

Medical data are analyzed accurately and precisely through Text AI.

A high recognition rate is guaranteed through AI speech recognition customized for the medical domain.

Recognition rate of above 95%


100,000 medical words


500,000 everyday words


MedicalSTT -

Not a single word is omitted.

Through AI technology that converts and recognizes the speeches between medical staff and patients in real time, every conversation is recorded as data without omission.


Speeches inputted via various devices go through a process of noise elimination, separation of silent syllables, and so on, to be converted to text format in real time.

Multi-device integration

Removal of surrounding sounds

Separation of silent syllables




A high recognition rate is guaranteed through optimization adjustment training and sound/language model and vocabulary dictionary customized for the medical industry based on AI speech recognition technology.



Professional medical sound model

Professional medical language model



SpeechEMR -

Electronic medical record is not an option, but a must.

The data converted to text via Medical STT are automatically transformed and generated into medical consultation record EMR document via Speech EMR.

EMR Generation


This is a must for smart healthcare for patient safety, continuity of diagnosis, reduction of medical fees and usage of standard data.

Medical analytics


The efficiency of diagnosis is maximized through conducting analyses on questionnaire status, disease classification, medical issues, outbreak patterns, consultation summary, and speaker satisfaction level, etc.

Personalized diagnosis

A medical care of the future is guaranteed for the patient, through ways including customized questionnaire, healthcare, health trend tracking,

diet prescription, management of edical /disease history, lifestyle habit diagnosis, etc.


Speech EMR is the beginning of medical data analytics for medical safety management, general medical management and clinical research. 

It enhances the efficiency of task operations and personnel productivity via rapid delivery and application of medical records and reduction of time spent on patient waiting and diagnosis, thereby maximizing personnel and cost saving effects and creating new value in medical businesses and clinical research.


Experience the innovation of medical data generation and analyses via AI and deep learning.

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Republic of Korea

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