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Green Cross Group strengthens medical AI capabilities... Hecton Project-DOUB 'Hands-on'

Green Cross Group is focusing on strengthening its healthcare competitiveness by applying artificial intelligence (AI) and big data to the medical industry.

On the 14th, Green Cross Group announced a new business promotion plan that grafted AI voice recognition technology to electronic medical records (EMR). As Hecton Project, a subsidiary of Green Cross Holdings (GC), signed an MOU with DOUB the day before, it is expected that the EMR service will be strengthened.

The two companies agreed to promote comprehensive mutual cooperation on the development of new AI-based solutions to enhance EMR quality and medical efficiency. Hector Project is a subsidiary of UBcare, the No. 1 company in EMR in Korea. UBcare was acquired by GC Green Cross Healthcare in February last year and was embraced by Green Cross Group.

The Hector Project is providing EMR solutions mainly to general hospitals such as nursing hospitals and oriental medicine hospitals, while UBcare is supplying solutions to primary medical institutions such as clinics. The Hector Project is currently providing 'Doctors EMR' to about 2,500 hospitals and clinics. DOUB, which has established a cooperative relationship this time, is a big data specialist.

Hecton Project plans to advance the functions of its EMR solution through this MOU. A GC official said, “Currently, EMR is written during medical consultation, so there is a risk of omission of contents. It will help,” he explained.

For this reason, the two companies set the goal of this collaboration to ‘launch a voice recognition EMR solution using AI’. He drew a blueprint for developing a new concept medical service by merging the EMR platform capability of the Hector Project and the strength of DOUB real-time natural language processing technology. The two companies plan to start a full-fledged cooperation system from the second half of this year.

In addition, Green Cross Group is currently promoting various projects to strengthen health care services using digital transformation technology. It is discovering new businesses by integrating and analyzing data dispersed in SK Holdings C&C and GC affiliates. It is also working with KT and LG U+ to target the digital healthcare service market. It has signed an agreement with Kyowon Group to improve the service of 'Wells', a health home appliance brand. In line with this group strategy, UBcare also acquired a 33% stake in ICOOP, a company specializing in chronic disease patient management platform, last month. Through this, it plans to expand the scope from the existing patient care center to disease management.

Lee Dong-dae, Vice President of Hecton Project, said, “The combination of AI voice recognition and EMR is a field that is receiving attention in the medical field recently. We will actively utilize relevant innovative technologies.”

Son Hyun-gon, CEO of DOUB, said, “Based on the recently launched medical-specialized voice recognition and analysis solution, ‘Speech EMR,’ we can collect and analyze customer data from hospitals and clinics to provide various insights. We plan to actively support recognition and real-time text analysis technology to bring innovation to EMR and medical support services.”

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