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DOUB launches 'SpeechEMR', a real-time recording of medical records using AI

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Guaranteed 95% recognition rate according to the medical environment... Equipped with noise removal and silence separation functions

Healthtech startup DOUB (CEO Son Hyun-gon) announced on the 15th that it would launch 'SpeechEMR', an automatic speech recognition service that records medical records in real time and converts voice into text.

'Speech EMR' uses artificial intelligence (AI) voice recognition technology specialized in the medical field to guarantee a high recognition rate of up to 95% depending on the medical environment. When voice audio is input, such as a conversation between a doctor and a patient or a medical dictation, processes such as noise removal and silence separation are processed in real time and converted into text.

The speech recognition service marks typos in text-translated content, and quickly corrects and saves the content by using medical professional acoustic and language models and glossaries, such as 500,000 words of everyday terms and 100,000 words of medical terms. In addition, important information such as numbers, dates, units, sizes, and locations is highlighted to increase clarity to prevent informational errors.

DOUB is a real-time data analysis platform startup established in 2015. After launching a text analysis service that combines deep learning and search algorithms in April 2018, the product was supplied to six contact centers (call centers) of large financial institutions within a year. This service is a real-time text analysis service that converts voice to text, evaluates compliance with regulations, and recommends knowledge related to counseling topics as soon as the counselor starts counseling.

In particular, DOUB was selected as the final investment target company at the 'Posco Idea Marketplace', a domestic startup contest held in 2019, and attracted seed investment. Currently, DOUB's text analysis solution is being used in various financial fields. It is being used in contact centers of many large financial institutions, including Mirae Asset Securities and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, the company said.

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