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NPTB AI Engine


DeepSales is a business marketing service that uses machine learning AI engine to recommend NPTB (Next Product To Buy) and content most wanted by customers.

It collects and analyzes various usage patterns of customers to extract a behavioral data model.

​● Usage information


DeepSales collects and analyzes structured data such as customers’ purchased items, checked content, time, location and routes.

● Property information


DeepSales classifies/analyzes the category of products, content, and promotions to understand customer taste.

● Interest information


DeepSales classifies and tracks the customer’s interests based on social standards such as age, gender, region, and occupation.

Through customer behavior data and AI engine, DeepSales predicts customers’ future behaviors.

Target offering engine


New product planning and themed products (season, promotion, etc.)

Product recommendation (Up/Cross-selling)

Partnership product engine


Partnership membership-linked product recommendation

Development of partnership discount, partnership pricing schemes

Providing partnership benefits when changing cellphone devices

Personalization engine

Product/content recommendation through web/app

Message/location-based offering

Application of digital contact center (ex. Chatbot)

We provide the optimal NPTB through recommended products, customized information and personalization offering.

By providing the most favored product or content based on user proclivity and behavioral patterns, we can maximize your product purchase conversion rate and usage rate of your service/content.


We provide various services to domestic and foreign travelers as well as online service users.

We are working with Visit Korea and its flagship service ODII, an audio-based tour guide service, to analyze user proclivity and usage patterns to provide a recommendation and personalization service.


Recommendation of product and content desired by customers is an essential business strategy in the digital era.

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+82 2 565 6627

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