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AI Call Center


A game changer in the fastest, real time AI call center without a waiting line 
The analysis is complete as soon as the consultation session ends

Only 0.06 Seconds

Requiring only 0.06 seconds required to simultaneously handle recognition and analysis of speech, DOUB is the only true real-time speech recognition / analysis solution.

Compared to 1.17 seconds by a competing firm

Simultaneous access



Consultation content






Analysis speed per speech




“It comes with a very convenient user experience, with easy and beautiful analysis charts and dashboard.”

An actual service client – Insurance Company A

The analysis model is optimized for analyzing domestic contact centers, providing analysis based on comprehensive understanding of any consultation sessions.

Analyzed data

Consultation content

​Consultation history

Contract information

Customer information


Analysis of consultation task

Category - 1

Analysis model

1. Analysis of consultation type

2. Analysis of revisited calls

3. Frequently asked questions

Reduction of misclassified selection cases during consultation staff’s post-processing as well as post-processing time

The content of telephone conversations from call centers is monitored through real time conversion/analysis using deep learning-based AI technology.

Real-time Analysis

Propriety Technology

By using our independently developed similarity measurement and real-time reprocessing algorithm, you can analyze text in real time and respond immediately with analysis.

Text Preprocessing

We enable clear natural language processing by processing and indexing texts in terms of machine-readable language in accordance with the analysis use case.


Rule-based Text Analysis

We classify texts and analyze reputation as well as issues in lightening speed by using the fastest search engine, semantic pattern rules for sentences, and word dictionary.

AI-based Text Analysis

We apply deep learning-based natural language processing algorithms and language models to text preprocessing, classification, and similarity measurement as well as training of meanings.

Knowledge Data Search

The large-scale preprocessed texts are collected and stored in a distributed storage and can be searched through high-speed search technology, enabling fast access to knowledge data.

All-in-One Visualization / Management Tool

The analyzed results are provided in easy-to-understand charts and visually appealing web reports so that beginners can easily manage the TA solution.

Experience the future of AI-based TA solution, fully prepared in all tasks from solution adoption to voluntary operations and usage.


Realtime Analytics

We convert the consultation content into text in real time and monitor the quality.

Visualize the intent behind customer inquiries

Maximum seat capacity per single server


Sentence processed per second
(Assuming 300 seats in consultation sessions)


Accuracy of category classification


“Easy and accurate”

Greatly improving the quality of customer handling and productivity of consultation tasks

Utterance accuracy


Script compliance analysis TA -

Insurance Company A

“Within 1 month of adoption, the standard script compliance rate of our customer service staff went up from 40% to 87%. In other words, our staffs are getting a huge help in delivering accurate information to the customers.”

Guideline compliance rate


SQI Consultation Assessment TA – Public Institution B

“In the past, we only checked the guideline compliance of our consultation staff by sampling a few cases, but after adopting the product, we were able to perform a 100% full test and improve the compliance rate to 90%, enhancing our consultation quality greatly.”

Personnel efficiency


Consultation assistant –

Securities Firm C

“During consultation sessions, the TA engine automatically recommends knowledge appropriate for the consultation content. So, the time taken to search the guideline information decreased from 2 seconds to 0.5 seconds. This is a huge help especially for new employees who have a hard time finding the right information quickly.”


Experience the future of AI call center, where customers and consultation staff are both satisfied.

DeepminingTA Enquiry

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Republic of Korea

+82 2 565 6627

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