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IoT Big Data Analytics Solution


With IoT-optimized real-time big data collection and analysis, DeepFinds connects today’s businesses with future customers.

It finds new values among high variety and quantity of data and predicts the future.


DeepFinds understands the past and the present phenomena.

It extracts samples with the required information through data collection, real-time processing, storage and disassembly.

DeepFinds predicts the future customers, demands, and consumption.

It can find solutions to the present business issues or predict the future through refined techniques.

DeepFinds discovers various patterns.

Through data mining, it can discover meaningful patterns and rules to generate prediction models.

DeepFinds optimizes customers, pricing and policies.

It proposes optimal business policies by validating credibility and practicality of predicted models.


Structured data

IoT Data


Social data

Unstructured data


IoT Big Sensing Data Curation

DeepFinds is optimized for the field of IoT that requires collection of large-scale sensor data and demand forecasting as well as control.

Remote control and prediction platform for electricity consumption


We possess technical know-hows that are accumulated over years of development in electricity consumption control and prediction systems for smart farms, smart cities, and electric car charging stations.

A cold-chain control/analysis and PCR examination disinfection system for delivery of fresh food / medicines


DeepFinds is provided to certain fields that require real-time control for quality maintenance, as well as to real-time disinfection system against COVID-19.

DeepFinds -

We provide diverse statistical information and an integrated dashboard as well as a real-time analysis tool.

Status, correlation, prediction analysis

Analyze patterns through diversification of statistical analysis items such as correlation analysis algorithm and prediction simulation

Integrated visualization dashboard

Easily extract insights though various data visualization charts and dashboards

Providing real-time analysis system

Implementing a real-time statistical analysis system for immediate response to business requirements


Only data can predict the future.

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