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Do Your Best. DOUB

We are Data Driven.

DOUB makes continual efforts in researching to realize its vision of creating a future-oriented data analysis platform and better usage of data.

Our Vision

DOUB connects data with people to provide a new experience for businesses and their future customers.

We create future values through endless data.

We connect today’s businesses with tomorrow’s customers.

We develop essential data solutions beyond the need.

Our People

DOUB is composed of members with various experiences and professional know-hows in IT, working together to discover the value of endless data and future possibilities.


Excellent colleagues to share

the future value


Corporate culture that encourages debates and sharing opinions


Active support in personal development and intellectual property activities


Support in personalized work environments for workplace productivity


a venture company that specializes in using natural language processing technology to develop various data-based services such as big data platforms, text analysis services and speech recognition services.

DOUB has raised its seed-round funding from POSCO in October 2019 and was approved of its growth potential through its selection to participate in the TIPS program in April 2020 and R&D project by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security.

We strive for our future vision in all areas where data is generated and welcome new members to join us in our leap forward


Join DOUB if you wish to become a pioneer in the field of data analytics and artificial intelligence technology.

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